Cameron Krahel, executive chef

At the age of 12, Dover native Cameron Krahel discovered that food could be very special when prepared and served in an exceptional way. A culinary passion was born, and after working his first job at the Atwood Lodge, Cameron pursued his dream of becoming a professional chef. 

Cameron studied Culinary Arts and Hotel and Restaurant Management at Hocking College, earning his early food “chops” by working at the Courthouse Café and Atwood Yacht Club. As a sous chef for Chef Kim Marker at Union Country Club, Cameron further developed his skills and learned the fine art of customer service. From there, he delighted guests at the Inn at Honey Run, where he created menus using the freshest ingredients and interacted with the Inn’s diverse clientele. 

Cameron believes that treating both guests and food with the utmost respect is the hallmark of an excellent restaurant. His goal is to offer every patron an amazing dining experience – including great food, superior customer service and a comfortable atmosphere.